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Born: May 26, 2003

Place of Birth: Oceanside, CA

Death: June 4, 2013

Place of Death: San Diego, CA

Occupation: 4th Grade Student

Memorial donations may be made to:
Eric 's Family Trust Account # 7000736699

This memorial provided by:
Poway-Bernardo Mortuary
Poway, CA

Eric Konstantin Klyaz

May 26, 2003  -  June 4, 2013
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Eric's Good Times - June 14, 2013
Posted: June 15, 2013 | Last Revised: June 15, 2013

Our family has had fond and adventurous memories of Eric:
It was so much fun watching and talking with Eric each time he spent time with my two boys in the neighborhood each week. He rode his scooter and bikes with my two boys, racing back and forth like crazy! When they first began to become friends he was excited to share two things: Beyblading and that his birthday was the day after my second son. He introduced Beyblade to my boys when they had NO idea what Beyblading was all about. Because of him, the adventure and hobby was bigger than ever! :)Now they have over 10 Beyblades so they could "Beyblade with Eric" since he had such "cool Beys". It spread like wildfire with the other neighbors and they had a "Beyblading Club" together from house to house. I also had the chance of introducing playing tennis with him and he was so patient with me because I kept missing the ball! We ended up laughing and learning that we were a good match for competition. :) The boys love that he had a great imagination, played many games and made them laugh doing silly "boy" things. My first son's recent favorite memory is when we cleaned out our garage and he was SO excited to invite Eric and "play pool" together. We will continue to treasure the good times with Eric, and he will simply leave a special place in our hearts. There will be a void in the neighborhood without him, but we believe the heavenly angels will always be there to surround us with his smile. We Love You Eric, Michelle and Our Family